My addiction to tv isn’t for nothing

So as I sit here enjoying another day off, with a delicious smelling pork loin and baked potato in the oven, I realize Top Chef Allstars is a repeat tonight. This of course minorly ruined my night as I’m a Top Chef addict, but it got me thinking how much I have actually learned about food from this show, as well as the Food Network. I grew up with a mom who knew how to cook, but being from the midwest, she mostly excelled at casseroles (or a nod to my former MN residence, hotdishes) The queen of quick comfort food, taught me much of the same. Food on tv has allowed me to branch out in what I try. Where we normally do easy mashed or baked potatoes, mom and I decided to give au gratin a go this year only to realize they were crazy easy and way more delicious!!! All thanks to a lazy Sunday watching food tv. I still don’t claim to be a brilliant chef, and sometimes I think its only my vocabulary that has expanded, not my skills, but regardless, I’m happy to be empowered to try something new thanks to my beloved reality tv.

P.S. I’ll be loudly Hooty-Hooing with Carla, my favorite, as I watch all the repeats tonight on Bravo! Bring it Carla 🙂


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