The one where I attempt a meal-Lasagna Soup

So after leaving my part time job last week, and feeling awfully domestic over my vacation, I decided I really need to cook more for health, money, and because well I’m not that great at it! My best friend had posted a recipe for a lighter Paula Deen lasagna soup and I knew I had to make that my Sunday night attempt. Even though I’ve lived in the midwest for almost my entire life, I like to pretend I’m a true southerner and Paula and I are like long lost family 🙂

Here is the link to the recipe I used. I did make some substitutions. I already had some whole wheat elbow noodles, so I used those instead, and also added a little ricotta to the soup to add a little creaminess (and because ricotta is the reason I am obsessed with lasagna) Lesson learned, I added a bit too many elbows. I just kinda eye-balled it. I served with some Texas Toast that I had and topped with some mozzarella per the recipe.

Verdict is that I probably would make again but with one slight tweak, I’d use ground beef instead of italian sausage. All a personal preference of course, but not a huge italian sausage person and with its bold flavor it is hard to not have it overwhelm me. I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone though, easy to make and hearty and warm during the winter!


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