Me against the whoopie pie, part 2

So I realized just this morning that I didn’t do my follow up post on my second batch of whoopie pies. I actually had quite the following on twitter and facebook about my whoopie pie adventures and I had a lot of fun making them. Don’t fear, this is just the beginning!

So the second round I decided to try chocolate chip whoopies with a whipped chocolate ganache filling.(Mostly because it was the recipe that I already owned the most ingredients for) When putting the batter on the pan, I used less batter this time around and also attempted to spread it a little bit to help give me the smaller, flatter pies that I clearly didn’t get during my first try.

As you can see by my cooling rack…they were MUCH improved!! Still a little thicker than I would like and I will use a teensy less batter next time, but I’m getting there.

What I’m also learning from this whoopie pie cookbook is that what I really adore is the fillings. The whipped chocolate ganache filling was pure heaven. I spent a lot more time licking the bowl than anything else (which is a repeat of the peanut butter filling as well) I ended up taking the whoopies to my mom’s office, as I was off last week and needed to not have 16 of these babies staring me down all day long. I’m hoping they got polished off! My coworkers will get the luxury of being the guinea pigs for the next batch I decide to make.

Until my next attempt for those interested, the cookbook I have been using is located here. Mom and I found it at Crate and Barrel and they also have pans there and at Williams Sonoma. Happy Baking!


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