Cinderella isn’t real….

…and I’m not taking it well. 

I pride myself on being realistic. I’m low drama, always optimistic, but with realism hiding behind it all just in case. In relationships, I’m not the girl who expects fireworks to go off when I meet my soulmate, I don’t hope for roses every week, I’m the exact opposite of high maintenance.

Realistically, I know that no guy is going to find me at home watching Sex and the City in my sweatpants and sweep me off my feet. (If you are picturing this, this is my current reality, but hey I’ve got an excuse, I’ve been home sick!). I watched on tv this morning, Patti Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker talk about how to find a husband in a year. A part of me perked up and thought ” Hey! I’m not getting any younger, I’m already behind on my awful girly life plan, this should be good!”  But as I listened I couldn’t help but think how calculated it all sounded. She didn’t say anything new, that I should not go out with large groups of girls and that I should go places that men are. Her advice was totally realistic and advice I should probably honestly take! (Wait, it really is true that no hot guys are going to surprise me during my SATC fest?) But I realized apparently there is a romantic in me after all. The relationship realist I’ve always prided myself in being, is part real, but part a cover up for the little girl dream of romance. 

Kind of a wake up call for me this morning, as I know I need to put in effort if I wish to find a relationship, but I realized I’ve been sabatoging myself this entire time without thinking.

Being an adult is not my favorite thing. Realizing my faults isn’t pretty 🙂


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