My Boston Cream Disaster

So amongst my new cookbooks I got for Christmas this year, I got a KitchenAid one that was all baking. Right up my alley, as I’m no cook, I bake. Ever since I opened that book, the one dessert I couldn’t take my eye off of was the Boston Cream Pie. I’ve been patiently waiting for a chance to try it (because what am I going to do with a whole one of these sitting at home by myself) Seriously, looks delicious right?

My roommate and I , along with our two friends who are roommates, like to switch off cooking what we call Roommate Dinners. Yes I know how clever we are with the titles. I decided to take my turn last night with a crock pot roast and potatoes, and yes, an excuse to make that boston cream pie.

Even the brilliant baker that I pretend to be, sometimes has my disasters, and this was definitely the night! Knowing the cream was my biggest challenge, I decided to tackle this first. With an egg cream, you have to be careful to gradually add hot liquid to the eggs to keep them from scrambling.  Convinced I was going to rock this, I start heating up my liquid, and slowly but surely add it to the eggs. Not only do I get bits of scrambled eggs, but I somehow manage to also burn some. Being the optimist I am, I throw it out and decide ” Well, we’ll just have cake with chocolate glaze. I can still kill this”

I make the cake, confident in my abilities and bring out this BEAUTIFUL cake! Pulled from the sides, perfect golden color, and just gorgeous. I let it cool in the pan and then go to put it on the cooling rack, only to have half the cake stay put stuck in the pan.

At this point I realize this Boston Cream disaster is nothing I can save. I suck back the tears and continue to pick at my deliciously ugly cake while I finish my roast. You win some, you lose some, and I have no problem owning up to bad days.

Onto the next adventures…


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