March = month of fun!

Wow, I’ve gotten bad in the past month about writing here. In all seriousness I’ve been in a funk! I’ve been traveling like crazy for work, I’ve been stressed about life and now I’m back with a vengeance! I failed that my last post which was the remix challenge because of this funk, so my apologies to everyone who was excited to see pictures!

However, to help me get over this funk and also because I’m awaiting important news that won’t come til the very last of the month (and I’m quite possibly the most impatient person alive) I decided to make March my month of fun! Hopefully every month is this way, but I really need the distraction right now. I’m still in planning stages, but some of the things I can’t wait to blog about are :

Seeing Cabaret

Girls night/pottery painting

trip to cincinnati to visit the bff

trip to Columbus for my nieces birthday

a cake decorating class

and training has begun for the Bourbon Chase Relay!

..More fun to come but these are some of things on my March Month of Fun calendar!


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