Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

So I peek now and then at a blog from a college friend And she recently did a Top 5 Celebrity Crushes. This of course got me thinking of my own, and then thanks to a tv show I’m currently watching that now has me lusting over one of them, I thought now was the time. As Meghan also noted, these span my lifetime, so don’t be frightened folks! 🙂

1: Devon Sawa

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Oh my goodness, first crush for sure. I believe I was around 10. I happened to see Little Giants and Casper in the same weekend. It was love at first sight.

2: Matthew Lillard

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You will notice a theme of funny men and that’s how this one fell in. He was my big high school crush. Most of my friends didn’t understand, but I loved him in Scream. Really funny, cute, slightly dorky. Its my real life type too 🙂

3: Channing Tatum


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I seem to be drawing a blank to who I dug in college, so we are jumping to Channing Tatum. I mean I don’t need to say much more, these pics say it all. This man is delicious!

4: John Krasinksi

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Remember how I said I liked that dorky/funny/cute thing? Enter John Krasinski. I actually was melting a little just digging for pictures of him.

5: Justin Timberlake

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J.T. gets the top spot, because he has managed to span a good 15 years of crushing. I was an N’Sync fan, with him being my favorite. He then branched out on his own and got even sexier and more grown up. Then he starts showing up on SNL and let’s be honest, he can outfunny half the cast! Cute, funny, can sing and dance his ass off? Sold!


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