Recess Review

First…My gosh am I terrible about this blogging thing. After reading a book by Gretchen Rubin called The Happiness Project however, I’m working on this!

So because I’m from Indianapolis, I have to brag on my city from time to time! People underestimate us. They call us hillibillies, they only talk about the race, etc.. But I LOVE Indy! I think we provide opportunities of a big city, without a big city feel!

So when Chowdown Midtown was going on, I decided with some friends to try out Recess. A newer establishment in Indy, boasting local fresh ingredients. They change their menu daily, and unless you check out the website that morning, you will find out when you get there!

I loved the atmosphere, it was quality food, yet not in a stuffy dining atmosphere. The menu that night included a salad with tomato vinaigrette, bass, beef tenderloin, and strawberry shortcake. Each course was just as a delicious as the next, and even though I claim to hate seafood, I gobbled that bass up at incredible speed! All the courses were perfectly light and fresh, so I felt satisfied without feeling full and heavy. I will definitely be visiting again, and hope more Hoosiers stop by to try something new and have a fantastic dining experience!


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