Cooking up a Storm-Mexican Style

So surely there is someone else like me out there. I get in a week or two of cooking mania, where I think I need to cook every recipe I get my hands on. This is all good and well until I burn out and then refuse to cook for like a month. Currently I’m in a cooking frenzy and really need it to keep going for the sake of my waistline and pocketbook. I also like that its an excuse for people to come over 🙂 Last nights attempt was a recipe for Mexican Lasagna that was adapted from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary .


2 pounds ground beef

1 jar of salsa

a 10 oz jar of enchilada sauce

a small onion

packet of taco seasoning

garlic powder (or real garlic)

Burrito soft shells

3 cups cheese

1 can of kidney beans

Now I adapted some from the original recipe which calls for refried and black beans. I hate both of those so I swapped for kidney. I also just forgot to pick up garlic at the store so we used garlic powder instead. Had I remembered, it would’ve been real.

Couldn’t be any easier. Simply chop and cook up the onion in a large skillet until its tender. Then add the ground beef and cook until no longer pink. Add the garlic and then drain it all. Once that is done you can add the salsa, taco seasoning, beans, and enchilada sauce. You then want to spray a 9 by 13 pan and start a bottom layer of tortillas. I trimmed them to fit better but it took about 1 and a half per layer. Then add a layer of cheese and layer of meat mixture. Repeat twice so meat is at top. I then was generous with the rest of the cheese to cover it! Cover in foil (I sprayed mine so cheese wouldn’t stick) Put it in the oven at 375 for about 20-25 minutes, Remove the foil and cook for about 10 or so more minutes. I think in my oven my total cooking time was right at 30. Let cool for a few minutes and serve! I had my roommate, boyfriend and best friend all come over to eat it and they gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up for taste, ease, and cost. I now also have still half a casserole left after feeding 4 of us 🙂 I also made cinnamon sugar tortilla chips for us to snack on as well.

To make the tortilla chips, take a soft flour tortilla, spray with it butter spray/Pam/brush with butter. (I use nonstick butter cooking spray and works like magic) then sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture over it, cut into triangles and bake 10 minutes at 350 degrees!

Will definitely be making this meal again, and will be happily eating leftovers for lunch today!


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