Easy Peasy Ham and Cheese pockets

So I’m going to admit, that this blog post isn’t earth shattering by any means. But thought maybe someone else could simply use this idea as it just occured to me today!!!

So I fell in love a few weeks back with these delicious ham and cheese croissant pockets at Traders Joe’s. At 600 calories, and about $5 for two, it wasn’t something I felt like I needed to eat every week however. I’m not huge into couponing, but for some reason Pillsburry coupons run aplenty at our apartment, so decided I’d use crescents to whip up something for my lazy friday dinner.

I bought the roll out crescent dough and split into 4 squares. Chopped up some swiss and ham, folded over and sealed edges, and popped in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes. Easier, cheaper, and just as delicious as my croissant obsession!

I can’t wait to make these with a variety of ingredients stuffed in, and I’m kinda mad at myself for not coming up with this realization a while ago!

Happy Friday!


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Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

So I peek now and then at a blog from a college friend http://theperfectcompilationtape.blogspot.com/ And she recently did a Top 5 Celebrity Crushes. This of course got me thinking of my own, and then thanks to a tv show I’m currently watching that now has me lusting over one of them, I thought now was the time. As Meghan also noted, these span my lifetime, so don’t be frightened folks! 🙂

1: Devon Sawa

Courtesy of

Oh my goodness, first crush for sure. I believe I was around 10. I happened to see Little Giants and Casper in the same weekend. It was love at first sight.

2: Matthew Lillard

Courtesy of

You will notice a theme of funny men and that’s how this one fell in. He was my big high school crush. Most of my friends didn’t understand, but I loved him in Scream. Really funny, cute, slightly dorky. Its my real life type too 🙂

3: Channing Tatum


Courtesy of

I seem to be drawing a blank to who I dug in college, so we are jumping to Channing Tatum. I mean I don’t need to say much more, these pics say it all. This man is delicious!

4: John Krasinksi

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Remember how I said I liked that dorky/funny/cute thing? Enter John Krasinski. I actually was melting a little just digging for pictures of him.

5: Justin Timberlake

Courtesy of

J.T. gets the top spot, because he has managed to span a good 15 years of crushing. I was an N’Sync fan, with him being my favorite. He then branched out on his own and got even sexier and more grown up. Then he starts showing up on SNL and let’s be honest, he can outfunny half the cast! Cute, funny, can sing and dance his ass off? Sold!

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Its Closet Day!

So between some shopping I did yesterday and Nuha’s post here I have declared today Closet Day! Okay, so in reality its a gorgeous day out and so I may make it closet two days so I can get out and enjoy the sunshine in my killer new Ray-Bans 🙂

Here are some perfectly organized closets that I’m hoping to model my tiny shoebox after!

The big issue of course being that my closet is about 1/10 of the size of these. Before and after pictures to come!

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Vote for me!


You saw my outfit below, now help me in the Jess LC Design Your Look contest!

Click on the link and simply comment that you are voting for Gretchen S-Imperfect Indypolitan

Thanks Y’all!

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Jess LC Contest

Jess LC Contest
Jess LC Contest by valpogretchen featuring alexander mcqueen shoes

So I couldn’t just pick one outfit for this contest. When I think of Spring I get excited for two things. The first is rainy days. I think it is so fun to find bright umbrellas, boots, and raincoats to make the rainy days fun! I also love Spring dresses. Since summer weddings are so common, I had to do a look for that as well to take advantage of a Kate Spade dress I have been oogling. I love the Diversey Paisley necklace by Jess LC as well, and thankfully snatched up a pair of paisley post earrings that are on their way to my doorstep!


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March = month of fun!

Wow, I’ve gotten bad in the past month about writing here. In all seriousness I’ve been in a funk! I’ve been traveling like crazy for work, I’ve been stressed about life and now I’m back with a vengeance! I failed that my last post which was the remix challenge because of this funk, so my apologies to everyone who was excited to see pictures!

However, to help me get over this funk and also because I’m awaiting important news that won’t come til the very last of the month (and I’m quite possibly the most impatient person alive) I decided to make March my month of fun! Hopefully every month is this way, but I really need the distraction right now. I’m still in planning stages, but some of the things I can’t wait to blog about are :

Seeing Cabaret

Girls night/pottery painting

trip to cincinnati to visit the bff

trip to Columbus for my nieces birthday

a cake decorating class

and training has begun for the Bourbon Chase Relay!

..More fun to come but these are some of things on my March Month of Fun calendar!

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30 for 30

Alright, so I’m a big fan of style and fashion as mentioned in by about me section, but haven’t posted at all about it! I follow a handful of daily style blogs, and one of my favorites, Kendi Everyday is starting a new February 30 for 30 remix challenge. I’ve always been scared to try one of these, but remixing my closet is what I’m worst at! I am ALWAYS the girl standing in my full closet of clothes, proclaiming that I have none. So hopefully this challenge will not only force me to be creative, but also help me realize what clothes I truly need in my closet, as I have some giftcards that I have been holding on to 🙂

I’ll be picking out my 30 things this Sunday when I get back from a conference!

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